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Today’s agriculture problems and the solutions we offer

Besides the usual problems associated with food production, modern agriculture is faced with a plethora of issues such as contamination from pesticides and GMOs; climate change with its extremes of weather such as drought and floods; salinization; loss of soil and soil carbon; loss of biodiversity with the decrease in the population of bees and pollinators in general; water pollution from the use of synthetic soluble fertilisers; continuous reduction of prices for produce by retailers, etc.

That’s a clear sign of a dangerously unsustainable state of affairs.

Governments are trying to solve some of these problems with legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, establish limits to pesticide residues in food, promote the maintenance of conservation areas etc. but hese laws take time to implement and are sometimes inefficient.

Conscious consumers, on the other hand, have for the last 30 years been voting with their purse and thus enabled the development of a robust market segment of organic and biodynamic foods, drinks, cosmetics and textiles.

Backed up by research and technological innovations our experts have, for the last 40 years, successfully supported producers and companies to change their production practices to ecological methods in almost 60 countries worldwide.

As a resulted of all these combined efforts by concerned professionals worldwide, global organic retail sales have reached around US$ 80 billion with production in over 50 million hectares worldwide. Demeter certified biodynamic production have also been implemented meanwhile in all continents. Biodynamic agriculture has stricter norms of production to ensure highest quality of produce and thus pays higher premiums than organic. We shall learn more about it in the next pages

Sustainable business practices & strategy

In our professional work we also offer companies and corporations the possibility to assess, measure and monitor their sustainability footprint in order to understand their impact and options available to improve and help them develop strategic sustainability initiatives, in line with current requirements in terms of productivity and quality, biodiversity, water efficiency, climate concerns, etc. 

Ecotropic Consulting aims to ensure a win-win situation for producers, consumers and ultimately, employees, business customers, society and the planet.

Please see a list of our former (and current) clients in our professional references.


We have helped clients worldwide become more sustainable
with the development of healthy and productive organic
and Demeter biodynamic farming systems.