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Pesticide reduction

Pesticide reduction strategies

  • We have developed solutions for farms and projects that do not want to convert to ecological certified systems but just to improve their overall sustainability. These are combination of innovation from organic systems combined with proven effective techniques of integrated pest management (IPM) and well as more efficient soil fertility strategies.


  • Bio-intensive IPM, integrated pest and disease management
  • Bio-intensive integrated plant nutrient mana

Some of the companies and projects benefitting from these services:

  • Dole Food Company Inc. the largest fruit company in the world.
  • COMPACI, the largest multi-stakeholder project in the world, aimed at helping almost one million small scale farmers of 12 countries in Africa reduce their use of pesticides and increase the sustainability of their systems. This project was supported by agencies including:

    KFW, giz, Aid by Trade, Cotton Made in Africa