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Bio-saline agriculture

  • Millions of hectares in the world are bare and sterile due to a combination of salinity accumulated in its soils or having only saline water available to irrigate.
  • With the global population pressure we must make every hectare of this planet able to produce food and fiber for human needs.
  • We have made a pioneering contribution to these efforts at a research location in the middle of the oil fields in the Omani desert.
  • Using innovative techniques we were able to produce to yields of cotton and other crops using saline water that had been used to flush petrol from geological layers in the desert, and treated by the world’s largest constructed wetlands project in the world.
  • The project is developed by the German company ‘BAUER Resources’ in cooperation with the PDO the Petroleum Development Authority of the Sultanate of Oman

    Bauer Bauer

  • Ecotropic Consulting would like to offer the same services to other companies and government agencies operation in similar regions.